Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 1059 : Winter nights, neighborhoody haunts

The Upper West Side surely isn't lacking in wine bars - whether it's the Italian focused Barcibo Enoteca on Broadway or the flatbread pizza focused Riposo 72 or the classic combination of good wines, a warm atmosphere, and tasty nibbles at places like Vai, Tolani, and Bin 71 -- there surely is something for everyone. However, as of late, my favorite of all the choices is Dakota Bar. Opened earlier this year, this space is larger than its other neighborhoody counterparts with a warm and inviting feel. The wines by the glass selections are extensive and the nibbles are broad ranging. They have three cheese selections -- the white wine collection, the red wine collection, and the beer and spirits collection. Each collection features three cheeses meant to be enjoyed with the corresponding beverage of choice. 

Enjoyed with a nice California Cab, the red wine cheese collection is the perfect bite for a cold wintery night featuring Roquefort, Robiola due Latte, and Prima Donna. Three classic European cheeses that pair wonderfully with a nice glass of red wine. Served with caramelized walnuts and pecans, membrillo, sliced apples and pears along with a bunch of red and green grapes, this is cheese selection is plenty for sharing. 

What Dakota Bar does right is it achieves that delicate balance of comfort, elegance, and warmth which truly is what you look for in a neighborhoody wine bar. 

Dakota Bar
72nd and Columbus

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