Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1061 : Welcome to a new year

The beginning of a new year is a time for hope, for reflection, for goals, and for a whole new start.  The end of any given year is a time to celebrate, enjoy, and be with loved ones, and of course to look back.

2013 wrapped for me spent in a ski lodge right off of Lake Harmony, PA, with good friends, good times, good food, good wine and of course good cheeses! It was about getting away, simplifying, and closing the year out right.

New Year's Eve is about the classics -- food that warms the heart and the soul. Classics dressed up for the evening. We started off with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot along with a selection of cheeses - classic aged Parmesan, elegant and refined and always a good choice; the dressy and routinely fabulous Sottocenere, aged truffle and ash ripened cow's milk cheese, and lastly the decadent and luxurious La Tur, a mixed milk Italian cheese that just melts in your mouth in the best sort of ways.

A few hours later, accompanied by a glasses of red wine, we all sat down to a wonderful homecooked meal to ring in the New Year and to reflect on the year gone by. 2013 was quite the year and who knows what 2014 will bring. On this New Year's Day 2014 my friends, I ask you to take a moment to think back on what 2013 meant to you and what you want to look forward to for 2014.

Happy New Year all!

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