Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 1063: Trans Atlantic posting..

I know it's been quite the long stretch of silence my friends and I apologize. It has been, well I don't need to say, quite the whirlwind of a beginning of 2014 and it is has left my cheese musings more twitter focused but fret not, there will be more appearances of Fromagical's musings, whether it's penned from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan or somewhere else inspiring....take for example, today's post written somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. 

Heading in which direction you may be wondering?

Homeward bound after close to ten days in Paris for work. Let me tell you, there is something supremely special about the Parisian springtime light. It's hopeful, fanciful, and truly magical and it reminds you to savor life's little moments. 

Savor I did, but primarily in the form of produce cooked in the small flat I had rented for my trip. Fret not though, there was some magnificent burrata at my local favorite bistro sprinkled into the ten days for sure. 

French tomatoes sprinkled with just a touch of sel de guerande.
Girolles and purple carrots lightly sautéed with shallots and fresh thyme with shaved 30 month aged Comte tossed with mâché.
Roasted Jerusalem artichokes and parsnips with Beaufort.
Lightly scrambled French eggs with chives and crumbled chèvre.
And much much much more..

Each meal was truly about savoring life's little moments through fresh and delightfully local produce for ten days of Springtime in Paris.

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