Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 1058 - When in Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach

I read somewhere recently that Art Basel Miami Beach is like spring break for the art world -- the fairs, the parties, the dinners, the clothes, the cars, the opulence, the va va voom, all taking place at the beach. The crowds, the scene, the entire experience is completely surreal- it is conspicuous consumption in its ultimate form.

Over the next few days, stay tuned for the dining experiences, both good, bad, and just plain entertaining and of course much much more.

Day One - arriving into Fort Lauderdale airport from the chilly winter world of New York, gosh the sun feels nice! After a few wrong turns and a leisurely drive, I arrived at the Deauville Resort, the location of NADA Art Fair, the Beatles first concert in Miami, and my home base for the next six days. Unpack clothes, check! Unpack the booth, check! Time to head downtown for the openings of Art Miami, Context, and Miami Project down in the Wynwood Area of Miami. Two and a half hours later in traffic and in search of parking, it was time for the beginning of Art Basel Miami Beach week 2013. Check out those shoes! Gosh isn't that a nice Deborah Butterfield! The Prosecco was a-flowing, the buzz was a-buzzing, dealers were chatting away with new and old collectors, the red dots were appearing. People from all over the world were reconnecting here on this strip of the design district of downtown Miami. Three fairs later, with the hopes of other events scattered around Miami and Miami Beach, a few of us sat down for a bite and a drink at Michael's Genuine. Located not far from the hubbub of the Design district fair openings is Michael's Genuine - a long standing buzzy yet delicious joint that's known for its fresh and seasonal cuisine sourced from local farmers. 

A lovely glass of Zweigelt hit the spot and then Stracciatella served with heirloom tomatoes, basil tops, fleur de sel, and extra virgin olive oil. The classic preparation done elegantly and supremely well. Wood oven roasted Brussel sprouts and cauliflower were each rustic and flavorful and nice shareable veggies. Pizzas, mains, and larger appetizers were available as well - each with an inventive seasonal twist on classics in a new light. 

Miami dining experience number one was delightful, this was going to be a good week of food. Let's see what's up next tomorrow.

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