Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 1022 : What to buy right now at Epicerie Boulud

Looking for some perfect picnic cheeses? Why not stop into Epicerie Boulud to grab an excellently curated selection. Epicerie Boulud's cheese selection features unique offerings mixing both French and American greats chosen by Anne Saxelby and highlighting the great Herve Mons cheeses.

So what to get right now?

How about Vermont's Lazy Lady Farm's Sweet Emotion? A small bloomy rinded goat's milk disc full of unctuous, decadent, and creamy notes. Cut into this cheese and watch it ooze! Perfection with a glass of bubbles on a warm summer day.

Next up how about Meule de Savoie? Hailing from the Savoie region of France, this is a somewhat new Herve Mons cheese - think like Beaufort's cousin. Raw cow's milk aged for approximately ten months giving way to a fabulous firm Alpine style cheese that opens up as it warms up. Nutty, caramelly and buttery with hints of warm round sweetness and a rustic, grassy hay finish. A versatile pairing partner that's for sure! 

So grab your cheeses, bread, fruit, nuts and your favorite summertime beverages and enjoy a picnic in the park!

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