Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 1021 : Root, Root, Root for the Hometeam Part Two - Gizella Otterson and Bklyn Larder

Up next, our second contestant -- Gizella Otterson of Bklyn Larder, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at last year's CMI. Bklyn Larder is one of those shops that you want to travel to -- living on the Upper West Side, it is definitely worth the trip to Flatbush Avenue to provision or well snag some tickets to an upcoming concert at Barclay's Center and stop there for a nibble before or after. A well curated selection of hard to find cheese delights; decadent cheese pairing selections from breads to crackers, pickles, jams, spreads and more; along with a wonderful assortment of prepared foods and a little counter in front at which to enjoy your nibbles. 

So without further ado, here's Fromagical's chat with Gizella:

1.    How did you get into the cheese world?
I got into cheese through an ex-, actually.  she worked in food and always wanted me to taste new things. I liked cheese as much as the next person, but i remember having this cheese plate at 'inoteca on the lower east side. I was absolutely floored at the variance of flavors in a single piece of cheese. a single piece! I wasn't tied to my desk job & she got me an interview at a shop. turns out that i was good at it. I never looked back.

2.     Tell us a little bit about your place of work/ establishment.
Bklyn Larder is a high end food shop in Prospect Heights/Park Slope, Brooklyn. We sell unique grocery items, make sandwiches to order, and have a service cheese counter.  We also have two kitchens full of professional cooks & chefs that handle pastry, savory, and also catering. We're the offshoot store of franny's, a top-notch Italian inspired restaurant in Park Slope.  Highlights of my store include: gelato & sorbetto, beer, cheese, charcuterie, sandwiches, prepared foods, hard-to-find sundries. 

3.     Which round of the Cheesemonger Invitational do you think you are going to ace?
Plate the slate

4.     What’s your favorite cheese pairing partner?

5.     What is your favorite cheese for Summer 2013?
Mozzarella. I can't stop making tomato/mozz toast snacks during the summer. 

6.     Tell us one random fact that will win over the crowds.
I play bass in a rock band called All Forces.  We're almost done with mixing our album & i can't wait. 

Good luck Gizella!

If you want to stop into Bklyn Larder to grab some yummy cheeses or chat with Gizella, they are located at 228 Flatbush Avenue. 

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