Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 1023 : La Coop

La Coop otherwise known as the Cooperative Laitiere du Beaufortain located right off of the Jardins du Luxeumbourg in Paris is new to the cheese scene, open for just four months. Indicated by its name, this fantastic little shop specializes in Beaufort, the king of French Alpine cheeses and other products of the Savoie region. 

Beckoning from the street are two large wheels of Beaufort -- one crafted with summer milk and one with winter milk. The summer milk cheese is much sweeter, younger and more delicate. Honest, raw and pure -- this my friends is out of this world cheese. Its older cousin is denser, more caramelly and full of crystallization. Maybe more of a wintertime choice, I envision glasses of red wine and a wood burning fire with this cheese.

What else besides Beaufort?

How about an extensive selection of goat, sheep, and cow's milk cheeses from the region. 

Not in a cheese mood, you can find beers, wines, cured meats, preserves and more available in this bright little shop with such an excellent regional focus.

What a fantastic discovery and perfect for provisioning before a picnic in the Jardins du Luxembourg!

La Coop
9, rue Corneille
75906 Paris

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