Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 990 : Vermont Creamery in NYC!

What an exciting moment! One of my favorite creameries was hosting a little get together at Murray's Cheese Bar. An opportunity for the people behind Vermont Creamery to really be able to connect with their audience - media and restaurants alike.

Yes you could sample all of the fabulous Vermont Creamery cheeses that you have heard me write about often -- whether it was a morsel of Coupole with some dried apricots and Marcona almonds or their Bonne Bouche with dried currants and local crisps. In the mood for something interactive? 

You could roll your own fresh chevre! And roll my own, I did, with a combination of fennel pollen, lavender, and currants. Granted I apparently was not a pro at rolling the herbs onto the chevre as certain areas ended up with a healthier coating than others. 

Not in the mood for something interactive?

Well you could have some raclette served with the traditional bread, potatoes, onions, and more or perhaps a warm chocolate souffle topped with Vermont Creamery's Creme Fraiche Vanilla Whipped Cream.

Or if not, you could sample a variety of Murray's Cave Aged Cheeses -- Torus, Hudson Flower, Quadrello di Bufala, Barden Blue, Challerhocker and Harod. 

Beers, wines, and bubbles were a flowing and an upbeat lively atmosphere full of cheese lovers filled the room. It was such a treat for this creamery to be here in New York City talking to their biggest supporters -- it allowed one the opportunity to interact with the people that make the cheeses you enjoy bringing food producers closer to the consumer! Ultimately lessening the commute from creation to enjoyment. 

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