Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 991 : Pre-run dinners

This morning I plan to run the large loop of Central Park, followed by a 15k race, followed by another large loop of Central Park plus a little bit more to make a 22 mile training run getting me that much closer to the Stockholm marathon on June 1st. For me, the goal, the challenge, the training, the end result and the feelings felt throughout the experience are what makes it worthwhile. Sure those moments when my alarm goes off at 6am on a rainy cold Wednesday are particularly unappealing but there is nothing like the feeling of crossing the finish line of a marathon.

People always ask me what I eat the night before a run like this and their first thought is pasta, to which I always say no.

So what did I make for dinner last night?

If you know me, you guessed it right, quinoa, of course!
A slow release carb high in fiber and protein packed full with all essential amino acids and much more.  Last night I decided to make a celebration of springtime greens!

So what went into last night's quinoa?

Montezuma Squash
1/2 yellow onion
Roasted Almonds
24 month aged Parmesan to dial up the extra added nuttiness
Sel de la Guerande
Steamed King Crab
Black Pepper

How to prepare this dish?

1. Put quinoa water on to boil. Once boiling, drop the quinoa in and stir every so often.
2. Chop up broccolini, squash, and onions. Saute with EVOO, sel de la guerande and fresh black pepper over low heat for approximately ten to twelve minutes. Add in chopped up almonds, Parmesan and basil and saute for another five minutes.
3. Combine and grate slightly more of the Parmesan over the quinoa.
4. For the king crab, place king crab legs in a large pot of boiling water and cover. Cook for approximately seven to ten minutes. Once you have succeeded in getting the meat out of the crab, mix all together for a high protein and veggie centric pre-run meal.

Here's to Stockholm!

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