Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 989 : Brunch at dell'anima

Opened close to six years ago, this neighborhood joint named after "of the soul," in Italian, is always packed with folks looking to enjoy some of the simple yet elegant and flavorful Italian dishes on offer. In the warmer months, there's sidewalk seating right behind the restaurant on a quiet and quaint stretch of West Fourth Street. In the chillier months, step on in to the small yet warm and friendly space for excellent dishes.

Yesterday, after a seventeen mile run, it was time to try their wonderful brunch which Fromagical had yet to experience. Their brunch menu was inventive yet warming and comforting -- a melange of salads, pastas, egg dishes along with a selection of creative cocktails.

Start with a Dell 38, inspired by a French 75 -- this refreshing and light cocktail is composed of fennel infused gin, lemon juice and sparkling wine. A cocktail after my heart!

And what of their food offerings?

First off -- their homemade ricotta topped with honey and pine nuts was just the perfect beginning to the meal. Served with grilled bread, this bright milky Italian classic young cheese was a delight.

Looking for something refreshing? Then try their Seasonal Fruit Salad with yogurt, basil and mint. Crisp and flavorful yet light and fanciful!

Maybe you were looking for something more brunchy?

Well then Fromagical recommends the Uova Fungi composed of two poached eggs, sauteed cremini mushrooms, creamy polenta and Parmesan. Rustic and earthy yet warming and comforting -- just what one wants in a brunch dish. Perhaps you don't like poached eggs, then go with their frittata composed of kale, red onions, charred fennel and Pecorino topped with a small melange of arugula and other greens. Flavorful and dynamic yet simple and satisfying, you can't go wrong here!

Overall - a truly enjoyable meal at a fun and lively joint. The perfect beginning to my Sunday afternoon.

38 8th Avenue

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