Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 988 : Asian Night Market

So lets take a little break from cheese here and discuss a really cool pop event that took place last night and will take place tonight at the Old Bowery Station on Bowery and Kenmare. A pop-up event in a pop-up event space meant to bring to life the magical mystery and wonder of the night markets of Shanghai and Bangkok and the Far East. Live music, Taiwanese Beer, and delectable treats savory and sweet abounded. Pork belly buns and summer rolls, dim sum and jerk chicken or frozen snocones and macarons and much more were on offer. This was one of those events that truly makes you appreciate living in New York City. Escape to the culinary wonders of far off lands without having to board any method of transport besides a subway, bus, or taxi. Not bad for a Friday night, huh?

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