Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 984 : The Goodwin

Located on that strip of Hudson south of the heart of the west village sits The Goodwin. Opened quietly a few months ago, this contemporary American farm to table restaurant is urban farmhouse meets rustic greenhouse . The menu is a mixture of twists on classic salads, soups, appetizers, pastas, and entrees.

Seated in the back area with views of fluffy snow falling into the enclosed garden - one feels as though they have been transported out of the hustle and bustle of daily New York City life to an enchanted world of peace and quiet.

So what to eat?

One little note first -- the servers unfortunately do not know the menu as well as I feel like they should and are not as accommodating as a restaurant should be. So go with your gut on what to order and for the most part, it will be lovely. 
I started with their greens and grains salad composed of farro, black rice, kale, goat cheese, and green apples, hold the Ranch dressing. A simple rustic and earthy yet bright and flavorful melange of greens and grains. With a lemon vinaigrette, it was crisp and delish but I could not imagine how the salad would have changed if I had tried it with the Ranch dressing. I think it would have become all about the ranch and not all about the freshness of the ingredients.

Next up, of course their octopus dish! I can't restrain myself from ordering octopus when its on offer in a restaurant, I absolutely adore seeing what different chefs do with it -- whether its grilling, roasting, steaming, frying, you name it, I have to try it! Their octopus offering was a warm octopus salad with avocado, melon, soy-mirin, and sour plums. Flavorful, dynamic and sensual, I felt that although an excellent combination, this could have utilized one other flavor element to really wow.

Overall, the space is really wonderful and the food good but I think if the food were taken to the level of the design of the space, it would be definitely a destination restaurant. I would go back for the wine and cocktails and a nibble to be able to sit in the back room as it is truly magical.

The Goodwin
430 Hudson Street

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