Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 983 : Grills and Lights and Melted Cheese

A day like today means cozy comfort. Goblets of red wine. Blankets. Good old movies. Melted cheese. Lots of laughter.

You would think that I would be describing a day in late December or early January, but no you would be mistaken it is mid to late March. Just last week I wrote of bright, green, fresh dreams and now I am back immediately back into the world of baking, roasting, toasting, and warming. Sure is a shock to the system!

What better way to solve this then by having a few friends over and enjoying some wine and Raclette?

In case you aren't familiar, Raclette hails from Switzerland and is both a cheese and a manner of eating this cheese. The term Raclette is derived from the word, racler meaning to scrape in French.

I think Raclette is one of the under appreciated and under valued cheeses in America but going a step farther, I think even less in the spot light is the classic way of enjoying heated Raclette with what is generally known as a Raclette lamp or Raclette grill. Think basically melted cheese over an open flame -- what really can get better than that on a night like tonight? 

Pretty much nothing!

If you feel that you want to keep things local then go for Spring Brook's Reading Raclette!

Reading is one of two cheeses crafted by Spring Brook Farm in Vermont and is the first American crafted Raclette style cheese! Buttery and sweet with a raw honest side -- nutty and milky, grassy and rustic, Reading Raclette is the perfect answer to a snowstorm in March! Melted over an open fire with a glass of warming red wine, you cannot go wrong.

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