Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 985 : Good right now!

What to buy right now at Lucy's Whey?

The season's first batch of Lively Run Cayuga Blue. Hailing from Interlaken New York, this goat's milk blue is one of the only local goat's milk blues. Aged for two to four months, it is flaky and firm yet rustic and earthy with those classic tangy, bright, grassy, citrusy and chalky goat's milk notes; this piquant blue is fantastic. Some blue cheeses have a weight to them because of the cow's milk making them perfect with a glass of Sauternes as dessert whereas the Cayuga Blue is light and fanciful - great with a glass of medium bodied white wine or a fruity jammy red.

It feels like Spring in a blue cheese!

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