Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 975 : My new cheese crush

Where was my newest cheese crush discovered you might be wondering?

It was discovered at the counter at BKLYN Larder, a cheese and provisions shop on Flatbush Ave between Park Slope and Prospect Heights, just off the 2/3 Bergen Street shop and close to Barclay's Center. Selling prepared foods, cheeses and cured meats, local provisions, beer and more, BKLYN Larder is a stand alone shop of its kind in its neighborhood. Their cheese selection is a nice mixture of local American greats with some hard to find European stallions. If I lived closer to this shop, I would definitely be in there more often because there is a new treasure nestled in every nook here!

This past Sunday I decided it was a necessity to try something I hadn't had, something new and different, preferably an Alpine style cheese with a nice firmness and round nutty depth to it. There's something about running a ten mile race in the freezing windy cold that takes my mind to the warming qualities of that sort of cheese.

So what did I discover?

How about WildSpitz Bio?

Hailing from the foothills of the Swiss Alps, this 95% organic raw cow's milk and 5% organic raw goat's milk cheese was just the ticket! The milk utilized to craft WildSpitz Bio hails from grass fed animals and you can taste that rustic, earthy, grassy, fabulous tang of truly mountain fed animals!
The cheese itself is firm and biting with a nice round richness and a sweet grassy herbaceous bright tang. This cheese has a fabulously unique dynamic depth to it but with a nice lightness. It wasn't going to weigh you down but surely would brighten your day!

What to have with it?

Either a nice fruity and jammy red or a crisp Alsatian Pinot Gris.

Thrilled to discover this cheese and to pay a visit to one of my favorite Brooklyn cheese gems, I couldn't have asked for more!

BKLYN Larder
228 Flatbush Ave

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