Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 976 : There's things a brewing up north...

Fromagical just returned from an awesome weekend up in Vermont, full of renewed energy and with tons to report on but before we get to all the individual reports as I'm pretty tired, I wanted to just mention how exciting the trip was! Why you may ask? No it wasn't carrying my dog in a backpack while snowshoeing but it was hearing all about the new developments of my favorite creameries, expanding and coming up with new ways to capture the market, to reinforce the importance of eating locally and patronizing your local farmers! There were new cheese developments to try, new creamery expansions to see, and much much more! For someone who is such a proponent of local farms and how important it is for one's community to support the agriculture around them, it is so inspiring to see my farmer and creamery friends realize their dreams and ideas they have been discussing for weeks and months and years!

Before we get into the nitty gritty experiences tomorrow, lets start with something light and fluffy today, guess what I tried for the first time ever?

Vermont spirits vodka crafted with whey -- an ingenious concept using the leftovers from the cheesemaking process to make a spirit, inspired by the Tuvan drink Araka crafted with fermented mare's milk. Whey, the byproduct of cheesemaking, tends to be fed to pigs or even utilized to craft a wood varnish but being an ingredient in vodka is a new one, that's for sure!

And for someone who does not like vodka, this triple distilled vodka crafted with whey was smooth and milky, flavorful and something that I could even imagine enjoying drinking.

Stay tuned for all of the exciting Fromagical cheese adventures in snowy Vermont over the course of the rest of the week.

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