Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 974 : What to get right now at Lucy's Whey

Known for its extensive selection of American artisanal cheeses, Lucy's Whey is tucked away in a quiet little corner of Chelsea Market. Originally founded out in East Hampton, a branch was opened in Chelsea Market approximately three years ago boasting a lovely curated selection of American cheeses, cured meats, crackers, preserves, caramels, and more.

This evening I stopped in to explore their offerings and discovered a cheese hailing from Washington State that I had not had which I found perfect for this wintery evening.

Named after the Greek god of rain, Pluvius, as it rains more than 70 inches a year in Doty, Washington where Willapa Hills Creamery is based, this cow's milk cheese is crafted like a blue cheese but without the classic blue mold. Rustic and earthy with a biting milky creaminess and a bright slightly piquant tang, this cheese has a totally unique dynamic depth to it. In its younger days, your mind might go to the semi-firm consistency of a Caerphilly with that round buttery sweetness but as it gets older, it develops its completely individual persona -- mushroomy and musty but creamy and decadent, one really starts to notice the creamline with age.

What a different cheese and one definitely not to missed!

Found at Lucy's Whey for $24 a pound.

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