Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 929 : Thanksgiving Pairings Day Two

Welcome back to our lead-up to Thanksgiving edition with our next round of pairings featuring an aged creamy goat's milk cheese and a Pinot Gris. A crisper, more refreshing and lighter pairing than yesterday's.

For today's creamy goat's milk cheese, I've chosen one of my Vermont favorites -- Cremont, made by Vermont Creamery. A mixed milk cheese crafted with goat's milk, cow's milk, and a dollop of cow's milk cream. This hockey puck sized disc of creamy cheesy goodness is all milky and bright with grassy, citrusy, lightly buttery notes -- infused with the best Vermont terroir. Mouth coating in the most wonderful of ways -- this cheese combines the classic goat's milk and cow's milk flavor nuances.

And what of our wine partner for today's pairing?

What about Atwater Vineyard's Estate Pinot Gris hailing from the Finger Lakes. Bright, crisp and refreshing with a nice floral acidity with a brilliant floral bouquet of grapefruit, citrus, grass, and ripe summer figs. Light yet rustic, this wine does fabulous dance on your palate.

The bright acidity of the wine will cut through the creaminess of the cheese. The similar flavor nuances in both the wine and the cheese are what makes this the perfect goat cheese pairing - grassy meets grassy and citrusy meets citrusy.

Stay tuned for our blue cheese pairing up later on today!

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