Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 928 : Getting ready for Thanksgiving?

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a little over a week away?

I know I sure can't! 

This Fall surely zoomed by -- it feels like almost yesterday I was leisurely relaxing with my toes in the Majorcan sand at a peaceful beach on this rugged and rustic Balearic Isle. But back to the present grey British-esque conditions here in Manhattan on this Tuesday afternoon. 

Leading up into one of Fromagical's favorite holidays of the year, Thanksgiving, I thought we would present you with a series of seasonal pairings perfect for celebrating with the family, enjoying with friends or with loved ones.

Let's start off with the classic but always fabulous -- Cheddar and Chardonnay pairing. 

Before we get into the specific wine and cheese I chose for this pairing, lets discuss why this pairing is so successful. This pairing is all about similar body structures and complimentary flavor and taste nuances. In terms of the body -- the round, buttery, and robust flavors of the wine will find their equal and counterpart in similar flavors in the cheese. Both medium bodied for the most part, the weight of each will play off of the other. In terms of the flavor profile -- the honey, peachy, apricoty, apple, mineral-y, butterscotchy bouquet of the wine will go with the densely buttery rich creamy rustic tang of the cheese.

So which wine did I choose?

How about Channing Daughters Envelope crafted with 66% Chardonnay, 22% Gewurztraminer and 12% Mavasia Bianca grapes. Yes folks this is a white wine but it has the most fantastic deep warm orange-y hue. Dry yet full-bodied, aromatic and juicy yet bright and robust -- this wine does a fantastically exciting dance on the palate. A unique local wine perfect for your Thanksgiving celebration!

And what cheese?

How about Vermont Farmstead's Governor's Cheddar?

Aged for anywhere between one and two years, this Cheddar was originally crafted with the assistance of the Vermont Governor, Shumlin. Crafted in the traditional style, this aged cheddar is tangy and biting yet dense and milky with a butterscotchy, caramelly bent and a floral yet grassy and rustic finish. A crowd pleaser of a cheese excellent for next week's Thanksgiving table.

Stay tuned later for our next pairing with an aged goat's milk cheese!!

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