Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 930 : My New Cheese Crush

This past Saturday, I traveled down to Philly for a night to visit with friends, cheer on folks I knew running the Philadelphia Marathon, and just get a nice little break from NYC.

One of my absolute favorite destinations in Philly is the Reading Terminal Market. Part Chelsea Market, part Union Square Greenmarket, part Smorgasburg but distinctly it's own entity. One can find anything from Amish goods to cookbooks to pickles to Philly cheesesteaks to sushi, salads, local produce and cheeses, and much much more.

Guess what caught my eye first?

The sign that said local cheese!

After sampling a variety of cheeses there were a few that really stuck out for me that were new cheese-explorations that I've not seen available here in New York. But for our purposes here, let's focus on one -- Calkins Creamery's Vampire Slayer. Taken by this cheese's catchy name, I had to try it!

Infused with a blend of herbs and aromatics, this stirred-curd Cheddar is all spice and tang and everything nice. Garlicky notes appear hand in hand with a vegetal herbaceous bent and a round milky creamy, nutty, butterscotchy cheese-y paste. I sometimes find that spice and herb infused cheeses can be slightly overwhelming but Vampire Slayer walks the perfect line of dynamic depth and persistent flavor.

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