Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 927 : Dinner at the NoMad

The NoMad hotel and restaurant opened earlier this year to great acclaim with that downtown chic vibe mixed with an air of uptown elegance -- a few blocks away from the Ace Hotel nestled between the perfume and electronic shops on Broadway in the 20's. The hotel's restaurant is helmed by Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park and is meant to be the more casual sibling to his established fine dining restaurant nearby.
Warm and inviting with a lively buzz, the restaurant was divided into two main rooms -- the parlour and the atrium, along with a sleek and sensual bar in the back and a cozy library room space where one could enjoy a drink and a bite. We had the pleasure of being seated at a small round table in the parlour, considered to be one of the quieter areas as sound tends to be amplified in the atrium.

Enough about the space, what about the food?

To start we split three of their appetizers :

First up was their radicchio salad with apples, basil and mozzarella. A unique combination of classic ingredients with an inventive and dynamic flair. The round milkiness of the mozzarella cut right through the vegetal bitterness of the radicchio to form a perfect beginning to the meal.

Along with this salad we had their roasted cauliflower with grapes, cheddar, and marcona almonds. Rustic and warming yet delicate and delightful -- an elegant autumnal delight of flavors.

Lastly we had their tuna prepared two ways -- tartar and tuna belly, served with preserved lemon, Parmesan and kale. Sensual and round with a crisp brightness, this creative appetizer showcased Humm's artistry with flavor combinations.

But perhaps my favorite part of the meal was my roasted butternut squash main. Served roasted with green apple, quinoa, and hen of the woods mushrooms, it was the perfect celebration of Fall encapsulated in a dish. A portion of the quinoa was left crunchy which provided the dish with the most interesting textural dance on your palate. Flavorwise -- the dish was savory and rustic yet elegant and refined.

Each dish was composed with a keen intellect for flavor combinations and boy did they delight! Humm's more casual joint and the NoMad hotel are a welcome addition to the New York dining scene -- an excellent meeting of uptown and downtown in midtown...

The NoMad
1170 Broadway

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