Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 926 : Birthday Lunch at Vitae

Wow, what a week! A true whirlwind! Unfortunately in that whirlwind, my Fromagical musings fell by the wayside, but fret not my dear friends, we are playing massive amounts of catchup now. Let's continue with the birthday celebrations and today highlight a lunch with a close friend at Vitae.

Vitae opened earlier this year in Midtown, on 46th street, right off of 5th avenue to be precise. Refined cuisine focusing on local and fresh ingredients in a retro yet sleek and warm environment. Inconspicuous on the exterior, walking in one feels like they have turned back the time to the Mad Men era of martini lunches and pencil skirts yet with a contemporary current feel.

The menu was a nice elegant melange of salads, soups, salads, and entrees with a focus on the quality of the ingredients. So what did we have?

Well nothing says a birthday lunch without a glass of celebratory bubbles, right?

With our bubbles, we split two lovely appetizers and their cheese selection. 

First up was their seared diver scallop served with cauliflower, golden raisins and cashews and topped with a Thai curry sauce.  Delicate, sensuous, inventive, and subtle with a rustic sweetness. A beautiful flavor combination that brought to light each and every of ingredient in the dish. We were off to a great start!

What was next?

Their grilled octopus, with roasted celeriac and apple topped with pickled celery hearts. A warm and comforting dish yet sleek and refined. The roasted apple paired with the grilled octopus was a unique and bold preparation that delighted. 

The perfect blend of rustic and inventive, classic yet creative dishes and then there was of course their cheese selection! Their cheeses were a mixture of local producers like the Rainbow Ridge Meriden, a firm cow's milk cheese, along with overseas greats like Gorgonzola, Prefere de Montages and a Fiore Sardo. 

Not familiar with Prefere de Montages? 

Are you a fan of Reblochon? The absolutely decadent washed rind creamy French stinker? Then you need to try this cheese. Hailing from the Rhone-Alps, this cow's milk round is round, buttery, creamy yet rustic, barnyardy, and fabulously stinky. Great with a glass of big, bold, red wine! 

Overall, a lovely meal with a great friend in a new place in Midtown that's worth the trip whether its for a business lunch, a pre-theatre meal, or a quiet dinner. 

4 East 46th Street

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