Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 887 : Do you absolutely adore butter?

Do you dream of that European style butter but live here in the US? The creamy yet refined and dynamic elegance of European butter is hard to find here in this country unless you get Vermont Butter and Cheese's Sea Salt Cultured Butter. Yes, it's made in Vermont, but boy does it give the classic European butters a run for their money! Thick and round, elegant and playful, tangy and milky, this is butter done right. And from now through September 30th, you and all of your friends have the opportunity to win a year's supply of Vermont Butter & Cheese's Cultured Butter!

How you may ask?

Well all you have to do is share your butter obsession with Vermont Creamery on Facebook and you are entered to win a year's supply of their absolutely fabulous butter. Check it out here:  Butter Obsession App on Facebook at facebook.com/vermontcreamery  or email at win@vermontcreamery.com if you don't do the whole Facebook thing. Feel free to email recipes, favorite butter based or flavored foods, butter experiences, butter pairings and more!

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