Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 888 : Location Red Hook, Sixpoint explored

Sixpoint is all about the experience – it’s about the inspiration of the who, what, when, where and how. There’s a sense of creativity, play, and fun that envelopes the brewery, their beers, and anyone who has the pleasure of enjoying them. This is not about big national and international business my friends – its all about thinking outside the box on a local scale and pleasing your community.  Thinking locally -- “beer is culture,” for those at Sixpoint and those who enjoy their nice cold craft brews. Originally started in 2004 as a draft only brewery, they started canning about a year and a half ago so that they could reach more of their home base.  Currently available in cans are the core six – Sweet Action, the Crisp, Bengali Tiger, Resin, their Righteous Ale, and new to the year-round home crew this summer – the Brownstone. Not new to their lineup, but now available on those hot summer days and chilling winter nights and all of the seasons in between. There are seasonal brews as well and location specific brews – meaning that Sixpoint creates approximately eighteen different beers that you can ONLY find at a specific restaurant. Perhaps it’s the perfect beer for a pie at the cult pizza favorite, Roberta’s, or something to soak up all those meatballs at the Meatball Shop, you name it, you can find their homemade location specific brews around town at your favorite joints. It doesn’t stop there! Their Spice of Life series just struck a cord with me! What is it?

Each month, Sixpoint crafts the same single hop IPA with the same recipe, fermentation, yeasts, etc. So what makes this exciting you might be wondering? Well folks – it is the fact that over the course of a year, on a monthly basis, Sixpoint utilizes a different style of hops meaning that the only change is the hops but that change allows you as the drinker to see the differences between each hop style utilized – a fun way to explore the importance of hops on the taste and flavor profile of a beer.

That’s just a brief introduction into the wonderfully magical and creative world of Sixpoint Brews to be explored over the course of this week – each day we will feature a different brew, not just with your typical pairing but the environment that Fromagical envisions it best enjoyed in and more, along with a recipe so that it isn’t just about beer and cheese, but about the beer involving itself in our local culture and life.  

Cheers to the beginning of our Fall for Beer!

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