Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 886 : Beaches Galore

This past weekend I felt very lucky to have the opportunity to spend a day down in Margate along the Jersey Shore with close friends and then an overnight in East Hampton with a different set of close friends -- the perfect way to end the summer and kick off the Fall season! Plenty of sun, fun, swimming, and relaxing, just the way I wanted it.

The Jersey Shore didn't bring any fabulous cheese experiences but some quite amusing travel ones. First up, almost missing the 8am Saturday bus from Port Authority because three different people directed me to three different and all incorrect ticket lines. Ok no big deal, right? Well, wait till I got on the bus and had the pleasure of sitting next to a woman eating the biggest Asian breakfast fry-up. That would have be one thing, but coupled with the woman sitting behind me painting her finger nails, it was by far the most odorific bus rides I have had in quite the while. I don't know what was worse, the unpleasant scents on the bus ride down or the completely packed ride back full of drunk people shouting at top volume. Apart from the entertaining trips to and fro, my day at the beach in Margate was lovely and although only two hours away from Manhattan, I felt very far from home.

Next stop -- East Hampton, by way of Manhattan for pool time, plenty of rose, grilling and some of Mecox Bay Dairy's Shawondasee. Mecox Bay Dairy is one of the South Fork's only dairy farms. This small production family-run farm's cheeses are elegantly infused with the local terroir and are quite the delight! Shawondasee, meaning "prevailing southwest wind," is a raw cow's milk mold ripened aged tomme. Nutty, buttery, rustic and round with a grassy fruity finish, it is the ideal end of summer cheese. Perfect with sundried tomatoes and grilled zucchini paired with a glass of medium bodied white wine.

A great way to end of the weekend and here's to the beginning of the Fall! Happy Labor Day one and all!

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