Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 885 : Labor Day Weekend Picks

Gosh I cannot believe it's already the "end" of summer - it seems like yesterday the bathing suits, bottles of rose, picnic blankets and barbecue grills came out for their season. My favorite time of year when the temperatures are warm, the days are longer, the flowers are in bloom and life chugs along at a slower pace.

For the last weekend of the summer, Fromagical recommends three cheeses for this weekend's festivities whether its at a beach or in the mountains or in the city:

1. Woodcock Farm's Summer Snow - Think decadence and creamy wonder, fluffy and fantastic, this cheese is all Vermont rustic terroir inspired by the round unctuous Camembert. Perfect with a late afternoon glass of bubbles.

2. Spring Brook Farm's Reading - Rustic, earthy, and barnyardy yet sweet, grassy and warm -- the best American interpretation of the cozy Alpine superstar, Raclette. Dynamically nutty yet milky and honest, this cheese is a delight! Enjoy with a medium bodied white or even a nice IPA.

3. Rogue Creamery's Smokey Blue - Hailing from the great Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, this hazelnut shell cold smoked blue is spicy and piquant yet rustic and warm with a nice nutty smokey finish. Refined and elegant yet footloose and fancy free. Great with a medium bodied red or even a nice  robust ale.

Here's to an excellent Labor Day weekend!

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