Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 871 : The Island of Hairpin turns

The majestic mountains of Northwest Majorca surely do make for beautiful vistas in every direction - small Spanish Isle villages set in the valleys and distant views of the Mediterranean Sea -- windy roads snaking up and down the mountains do definitely make for some treacherous driving though.

Yesterday we set out to go explore a sandy beach near the Northern most tip of the island at Formentor. 67 kilometers away on these roads took us close to two hours to drive dipping in and around the mountains. Arriving to this small inlet of a sandy beach in a perfectly circular cove made the drive totally worth it. What's better than the tonic of a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and soaking up of some of the afternoon sun?!

This was beach number two of the trip - beach number one was a scraggle beach set into a rocky cove known as Deia Cala. Not necessarily the most comfortable beach for sitting and relaxing, let alone swimming but there were two restaurant /bars overlooking the cove where one could easily spend the afternoon drinking Herbes (one of the local liquors that is infused with anise, think the Spanish version of Pastis). Deia Cala was ruggedly dramatic - a tucked away pocket of the island that made one feel as though they were at the end of the world.

Who knows what we will encounter in beach number three today -- perhaps something totally different! Stay tuned later for our Majorcan food adventures.

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