Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 872 : Of sun, sand, mountains and rocks

Since I last wrote yesterday morning - adventures have been on the forefront of our excursion in Majorca. Heading out from the house up our hill yesterday we snaked our way up the mountain climbing on a path through olive tree terraces until it skidded to a stop. Where to go now? Why not continue northward half rock climbing / half hiking of course - the higher we got, the views overlooking the valley and the town of Soller just astounded. There's something particularly satisfying about climbing higher and higher - I find it grounds you to your place in the world and makes you appreciate your surroundings.

Returning down the mountain - some of us having climbed higher than others to a late lunch and a relaxing afternoon on our outdoor porch that led into dinner - a celebration of fresh, market driven ingredients.

For starters - fresh local heirloom tomatoes sliced thinly topped with some sea salt and homemade guacamole and a sliver of local semi firm goat's milk cheese. In color like Manouri but a much more giving texture, the cheese was the perfect light, bright, citrusy, grassy yet milky counterpart to the vegetal tang of the avocados and the freshness of the tomatoes. Next up, garlic, shallot and thyme sautéed girolles topped with an aged Parmesan was perfect with a glass of local medium bodied red wine that was slightly chilled. Finally a frisée salad with sautéed shallots, a poached egg and slivers of an aged firm sheep's milk cheese. The cheese was rustic and barnyardy yet nutty and tangy with a nice weight to it, an excellent mélange with the salad. Overall a wonderful market driven meal enjoyed with great company overlooking sunset on our mountain top perch.

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