Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 870 : Adventures in and around Soller - Part One

Waking up yesterday morning after our trip to our mountain-top perch to a view overlooking Soller melted away any sense of stress accumulated over the past few months!

First stop - the closest covered market in Northwest Majorca to stock up our vacation house rental with all sorts of yummy local foods to cook.

Walking into the market, the first thing we all saw was a farmer selling local cheeses and meats - exactly what we wanted! No descriptions of the cheeses here besides a simple taste test. The cheese that stood out most to me was a firm goat's milk cheese wrapped in local leaves for its aging process. Light and bright yet citrusy and tangy, milky and lactic with a rustic woodsy bent on the finish. My first taste of local Balearics cheese had me sold! We also tried a bright white semi firm sheep's milk cheese that was the perfect salad fixing sort of cheese - creamy yet briny, salty yet grassy -- an excellent example of the local terroir infused into a fresh young pressed cheese.

Next stop the fruit and vegetable purveyors, followed by the local olive and olive oil producer, the baker and the fishmonger. We were set with a wide array of fresh foods to cook at our leisure. But the real question now was whether or not we could find our way back to our house! We were led there in the middle of the night without any indication of an actual address and fret not, nothing came up on any of our maps to locate our house. Five different wrong turns and an hour and a half of driving around, we returned home! Thrilled to be here - we all settled into our afternoon of relaxing. Me - out on a run down the mountain and back up of course, I surely was going to get some great hill training in here!

Stay tuned for our beach adventures and excursions to the coast.

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