Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 869 : 2 hours later...

A quick two hour flight yesterday afternoon and we arrived at the airport in Palma, Majorca. Over two hours later standing in line for the rental car, we finally hit the road to begin our week long adventure in the rustic mountains of this beautiful Spanish Isle. Sure it was now way past 11pm and it was hard to decipher the raw beauty of these parts but you could tell in the daylight - this was going to be just the ticket for a vacation of sun, fun, relaxing, running, cooking and more.

Just past the first roundabout after the Soller tunnel, we met the gentleman who had the keys to our vacation rental. Nope our journey didn't end there! We were led up through the mountains on a tiny windy road without any indication of where we were headed. Thirty minutes of switchback turns later - we parked in a cobblestone driveway and walked into a house set into the mountains with a gorgeous view overlooking the town - peace and quiet far from civilization! This was to be our homebase for the next week - how exciting! Sure we might never be able to find the house on our own but that was part of the charm!

A great way to begin our week in rustic paradise. Stay tuned tomorrow for our adventures up and down the mountains, food shopping at the covered market in Santa Maria del Cami and much much more.

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