Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 853 : An Aromatic Summertime TGIF Pairing

You know its a summer Friday when the idea of lying by a pool in the sun with a glass of rose brings a smile to your face. July 4th came and went and we're moving into the dog days of summer where books, hammocks, BBQs, beaches, and drinks with umbrellas in them sound like just the ticket.

Last summer I discovered a fabulous trick that I have since adopted -- a simple riff on a glass of rose but boy is it wonderful! What is it you might be wondering? Add in a few sprigs/leaves of sage into a medium bodied fruit forward rose and let the rose chill over night. What do you get on the palate? A floral and fruity yet crisp and eminently drinkable rose with aromatic herbaceous tangy notes -- refreshing and light and totally perfect for a hot summer day like today.

With those rose, you want a young creamy, tangy, citrusy chevre. I like to pair big aromatic notes with big aromatic notes so I think that olive oil dusted crostini topped with Westfield Farm's Chive Capri would be perfect! Hailing from Hubbardston, Massachusetts, this fresh young goat's milk cheese is rubbed in local chives. Milky young chevre notes find their counterpart with the green aromatic brightness of the chives and form an excellent pairing partner to your sage infused rose.

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Happy Friday folks!

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