Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 852 : My new summertime salad obsession

When it's 93 degrees out, the idea of a crisp and fresh salad just sounds fabulous with an herbaceous and light glass of white wine, right?

My current go-to salad is a pretty simple melange of ingredients but is bright and lively and hits the spot on a day like today!

What goes into my summertime salad?

Baby Spinach
Fresh Basil
Steamed corn
Sliced cucumbers
Sauteed Zucchini
Pine Nuts
Cypress Grove Psychedillic Chevre - Fresh chevre infused with dill pollen that adds a fabulous aromatic herbaceous tangy-ness to the salad.
Sea salt
Black Pepper
Homemade vinaigrette (Dijon mustard, Apple cider vinegar, EVOO, 1/4 sauteed shallot, lemon juice)
Young Goat Gouda

First step is to steam your corn and once it is finished, remove the corn kernels from the cob. While preparing your corn, dice up a zucchini and place with some EVOO and sea salt in a saute pan over low heat. Cook till golden brown. While that is on the stove, combine in a big salad bowl your corn, diced cucumbers, pine nuts, diced cilantro and crumbled Cypress Grove Chevre. Next up add your spinach and basil to the mix. Mix together and then add in your sauteed zucchini. Drizzle your homemade vinaigrette over the top and mix together. Lastly top with a nice amount of grated Young Goat Gouda for a fresh, crisp, tangy, goaty milky finish to this wonderful summertime salad!

Enjoy folks!

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