Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 851 : Red, White, and Blue - My picks for July 4th cheeses

In honor of tomorrow being Independence day - its time to break out our Red, White, and Blue of American cheese selections courtesy of Fromagical. All Northeast based cheeses honoring our local farmers' excellent cheesemaking craft.

Our Red selection is Twin Maple Farm's Hudson Red hailing from Ghent, NY. A raw cow's milk washed rind cheese aged for anywhere between two and four months with a semi-soft consistency. Buttery and milky with a fabulous roundness on the interior has an earthy, rustic, funky, meaty richness from the washed rind exterior. A great washed rind cheese that pleases the amateur and the cheese aficionado alike. Perfect with a medium bodied fruit forward white or a nice IPA.

Image courtesy of www.artisanalcheese.com

Our White selection is Vermont Farmstead's Lille hailing from South Woodstock, VT. Lille is inspired by Coulommiers, a French bloomy rinded cow's milk cheese that is believed to be an ancestor of Brie. But get those Brie like thoughts out of your head here! Thicker and denser than a Brie -- Lille is all about bright buttery, milky decadence -- hints of mushroom and slight fruity and nutty notes coat the interior of your mouth as you enjoy a morsel of this fabulous cheese. A perfect partner for a glass of bubbles.

Image courtesy of www.artisanalcheese.com

And finally our Blue selection is Berkshire Blue hailing from Great Barrington, MA and crafted by Ira Gramble. Aged just for sixty days, this raw Jersey cow's milk blue cheese is made in the traditional blue cheese manner. Spicy and piquant yet creamy, round and milky with delicate grassy notes. Perfect with a glass of light red wine.

Image courtesy of www.artisanalcheese.com

Have a great 4th all!

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