Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 850 : My Spanish Cheese Crush in honor of their EuroCup Win!

Spain took the cake in yesterday's EuroCup final and in honor of their win and their country's colors, I thought I would introduce you all to my favorite Spanish cheese -- red on the exterior like the team's uniforms -- Ibores.

A firm aged goat's milk cheese that has been rubbed and brushed with Pimenton and Olive oil over the course of its two to three month aging process. Bright white ivory on the interior with a bright reddish show-stopping exterior. Tangy, zesty, citrusy, milky notes are paired with an aromatic herbaceous spicy tangy round kick. Great with some crusty bread and a glass of semi-sweet Riesling from the Finger Lakes.

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Cheers to Spain!

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