Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 849 : Sel et Gras

Sel et Gras translating to Salt & Fat is a month old French joint on Seventh Avenue South and West 10th street. A small corner space meant to turn French cuisine in NYC on its head -- no frills, just in your face fabulous French flavors. Sel et Gras is street art chic meets French pop / punk rock meets Napoleon's Versailles in a casual atmosphere - no jacket and tie needed here!

A view of the marble bar and some of the interior graffiti.

So what did we have?

On such a steamy summer eve, glasses of rose were just the ticket! With our rose, we ordered their version of a Pissaladiere. A Southern French flatbread pizza topped with caramelized onions, olives, garlic, anchovies, and in this case herbs and tomatoes. Rare to find done right in the US, Sel et Gras' Pissaladiere was aromatic, briny, herbaceous and fabulous! 

Along with that we had a classic Southern French black olive tapenade served with olive oil toasted crostini and a drizzle of lemon. Flavorful and dynamic, much more about the olive oil utilized to coat the tapenade and the olives themselves than about adding in too many ingredients.

And of course we had three of their cheeses -- St Maure (an ash ripened goat's milk cheese), Reblochon  (a washed rind cow's milk stinker), and a lovely Tomme (barnyardy and farmy with sheep-y, buttery round notes.) All three fabulous French cheeses!

Overall a great new addition to the West Village dining scene and a new take on French food. 

Sel et Gras
131 Seventh Avenue South

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