Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 822: Playing a bit of catch up - Big and Bold Pairing to Knock your socks off...

It's been a packed thirty-six hours and I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and catch up on my Fromagical musings but I am here now.

Friday I thought that it would be lovely to propose a knock your socks off TGIF pairing and even though its Sunday morning, the pairing suggestion here can be applied whenever you feel the desire!

The goal with today's pairing is "Big and bold."

Beer : Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA - Amber-reddish in color, notes of pine-y, floral, sweet hops on the nose. Malty, bread-y and warming at first sip, this medium bodied beer finishes with a nice bright bitterness. A great local IPA for those of you IPA fans out there.

Cheese : Twin Maple Farms' Hudson Red - Raw Jersey Cow's Milk washed rind semi-soft cheese-y goodness slightly aged to perfection. Classic washed rind bright orange hues on the exterior with a nice ivory interior -- creamy and tangy with a toasty, meaty, stinky pungence. The bitterness of the beer will find its counterpart in the creamy tangy-ness of the beer -- showing that big and bold can find its home hand-in-hand with big and bold flavors.


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