Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 823 : Cheeses of France Pop-Up Coverage

Friday evening I had the pleasure of attending the Cheeses of France press preview pop-up -- a great opportunity to check out the exciting all day long pop-up that was open to the public yesterday at 159 Bleecker. 

Why have a Cheeses of France pop-up you might inquire?

To introduce one to the fantastic Cheeses of France, educate them on how to prepare a variety of dishes utilizing these cheeses and basically to draw attention to the fabulous and fantastic cheeses crafted in France. 

So what did you have the pleasure of experiencing at the pop-up?

You could check out cheese art done by Krai -- a cheese sculptor -- carving designs out of large wheels of Comte and Mimolette - intricate patterns etched into cheesy paste.

Once you finished watching the creations of Krai, why not go catch a cooking demonstration done by Ash Fulk, a former Top Chef contestant and currently Chef de Cuisine at Hill Country -- while we were there we had the pleasure of catching his three cheese mac n' cheese preparation. 

Or otherwise you could sample some fantastic French cheeses - ranging from Mimolette to Comte to Brie to Fromage D'Affinois and more! Apart from just cheese samples, they had a variety of small plates hors d'oeuvres you could try as well which were billed as American classic creations with a French twist.

Overall a fabulous way to introduce the novice to the world of French cheese or reintroduce the avid connoisseur to cheeses they might have forgotten about and don't forget the ability to buy lots of cheeses at wholesale price.

Here's to a successful event for Cheeses of France and many more to come - last I heard they had over 1700 people attend the tasting open to the public!

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