Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 762 : In time for St Patty's -- Murray's Cavemaster Reserve

Looking forward to celebrating the luck of the Irish? In the mood for some green beer or maybe whiskey is more your speed? Well if so, I recommend you getting yourself to Murray's Cheese this week to try out their extra special cheese crafted for St Patrick's Day and strictly for your enjoyment -- Across the Pond infused with Wrassler's Oyster Stout.

Step one : What is Across the Pond?

Across the Pond is an Irish inspired, New York crafted, washed rind raw cow's milk cheese hailing from Keeley's Cheese Company in King Ferry, NY. It's a semi soft stinky washed rinded cheese that is barnyardy and ripe on the exterior but creamy, luscious, unctuous, and slightly pungent on the interior. Think Taleggio mixed with Tomme de Savoie but with that "je ne sais quoi" of New York state cheesemaking.

So Murray's has taken this fantastic round of cheese and washed it in Wrassler's Oyster Stout to give it this lactic, roasty, toasty, malty, bent that just dials the cheese up quite a few notches to make it absolutely perfect for St Patty's Day.

Don't forget to grab a morsel and a bottle of Jameson and celebrate the luck of the Irish on Saturday or today or tomorrow, whenever you feel like it!

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