Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 763 : Happy π Day!

It's 3/14 or otherwise known as the mathematical constant, π day! In honor of Pi or Pie day many people enjoyed apple pies hopefully with a nice thick slice of cheddar on top or perhaps a slice of a pizza pie. So in honor or π day I thought I would give you a list of my top pizza places in the city:

1. Co - My absolute favorite pizza place -- Jim Lahey's no knead thin crust inventive pizza joint with communal seating and a fun, casual, and slight rustic atmosphere. Don't expect straight forward slices here, you won't find them.
2. Lombardi's - The classic downtown pizza joint, it's been around since just before the turn of the 20th century and is routinely fantastic.
3. Arturo's - Old world Italian red sauce meets downtown hip meets Jazz era cool in this Soho standby.
4. Roberta's - Brooklyn DIY meets locavore chic meets artisanal ingredients -- what do you get? Some of the best pizza you can find in any of the fire boroughs. 
5. Joe's -- Slice to go? The place to go is Joe's. An NYC institution since the 70s. 
6. Bleecker Street Pizza -- Well if you don't like Joe's, their Sicilian slice is pretty gosh darn good.
7. Keste - Gluten free pizza that is actually excellent in a chill environment? Creative thin crusted pizzas? Step out of Manhattan and into a small pizzeria in Italy. 
8. Motorino - This place just exudes cool and boy does it earn it's reputation -- you cannot go wrong with anything you order here -- each pie is better than the last. Prepare yourself for a wait for a table. 

I know you're thinking why didn't she mention the cult pizza places like DiFara's and Grimaldi's? I've never had the pleasure of trying DiFara's and Grimaldi's I've just not been impressed with, unfortunately.

Your next question is what about Artichoke?

I find Artichoke slices to feel like two meals rolled into one slice of pizza -- its simply too rich for me, but don't get me wrong, it's some people's top choice and that's for them to decide.

So happy π day folks!!

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