Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 761 : Grilled Cheese, Kobayashi, SXSW, GroupMe Grill

Ever heard of GroupMe? If not, well here's what it does -- it allows you to connect with anyone in your life via group text message. Friends, family, coworkers, workout buddies, you name it, this free app for any phone allows you to combine people into groups and communicate with them all at once. Pretty cool, right? Well at SXSW this past weekend they sponsored for the second year in a row what was known as the GroupMe Grill -- a PR / promotional event where if you had Groupme on your phone, you got a free grilled cheese.

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Too bad we weren't at SXSW to get a free grilled cheese, but a new grilled cheese record was set this past weekend at the GroupMe Grill that is definitely worth covering here on the blog:

Takeru Kobayashi, of Nathan's Hot Dog eating contests' fame ate thirteen grilled cheeses in one minute to smash through the prior grilled cheese record. The prior record was 49 grilled cheeses in ten minutes and was set by Joey Chestnut. Part gross, part just totally amazing, it surely is notable cheese news!

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