Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 760 : Breakfast for dinner after a long weekend

There's something pretty fabulous and comforting about breakfast for dinner - warming and delish, it's just the perfect thing after a long weekend of work.

How about a goat cheese, kale & zucchini egg white omelet topped with a homemade tomato, herb, Parmesan and eggplant sauce? Enjoyed with a nice glass of Channing Daughters Rosso Fresco, this sounds like just the ticket tonight!

Let's start with the tomato sauce - dice up half an eggplant and three plum tomatoes. Place in a sauté pan with some EVOO, herbes de Provence, fresh basil, crushed red pepper flakes, smoked paprika for that nice aromatic kick, some sea salt and a drop of crushed black pepper. Cover and cook over low heat for fifteen minutes. Stir occasionally. While your tomato sauce is cooking, crack three eggs into a bowl and whip with some sea salt. Whipping eggs makes them fluffy. Place that to the side and chop up a third of a zucchini and some kale. Now pour your whipped egg whites into a greased and warm pan over low heat. Let them cook till they start going opaque, then add in your zucchini, kale and some fresh chèvre. Top with sea salt and black pepper. Cook over low heat.

Once your eggs are done, approximately two to five minutes before you pull off your tomato sauce and in a handful of Parmesan and stir till the cheese has combined into you sauce and then pull off the stove. Place your tomato sauce over your egg whites for an excellently light yet filling dinner after a long day. Have a sip of wine and enjoy.

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