Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 737 : Of family, vegetables, and neighborhood restaurants

My family has a soft spot for Daniel Boulud's Mediterranean restaurant near Lincoln Center -- Boulud Sud. Opened last year, for my family that lives on the Upper West, it became a quick favorite. This evening, seven of us gathered for a family dinner together there to catch up and enjoy some of the delish food offered on their menu.

I'm a bit boring I always order the same dish because its just so fabulous and I adore it -- grilled octopus with a marcona almond puree, arugula and jerez vinegar and tonight I ordered it with a side of broccoli di rabe charred and sauteed with shallots and chilies and tonight I decided to ask for grated Parmesan. The addition of this aged nutty, butterscotchy, caremelly cheese was the perfect element to throw this simply vegetable dish into overboard -- taking it from a straight forward side to something more -- a treat for a basic dish dressed up in a suit and tie for this evening. It's an important lesson to remember, with a little finesse you can easily take any vegetable and transform them. Stay tuned tomorrow for our Winter Weather Tomato Rustic soup, utilizing the tomato as forefront.

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