Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 736 : Back in Narita...

Welcome back to Narita folks – a quicker flight from Bangkok this time around – shaving two hours off our original seven-hour flight. Gosh, it feels weird to recognize that this trip has come to a close but a wonderful trip it has been! A whirlwind eight days in a far off land of elephants, beaches, temples, curries, adventures and more. No time for breakfast in Bangkok with my 7:15am flight this morning but how about a late lunch/early dinner in Tokyo? Don’t mind if I do! Especially after my delish sushi the last time I was here!

How about some blue fin tuna, the specialty at the Sushi joint I was eating at and perhaps an eel avocado roll? The tuna melted in my mouth – sumptuous, round, and sensual…this tuna is a rare find in New York and not traditionally worth it but here at Narita, boy was it a treat and pretty affordable at that! The eel cucumber roll was fresher and more authentic than its equivalents in Manhattan. Enjoyed with warm hot sake, this was an excellent way to round out this wonderful adventure.

Stay tuned tomorrow, after my thirteen-hour flight, back in Manhattan for a return to cheese and a little less travel and adventure abroad but plenty in the world of cheese and on the streets of Manhattan. Funnily enough I could even write another blog this evening from my apartment, all in the same day -- Bangkok, Tokyo, and New York.  

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