Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 738 : A Jet Lagged TGIF Pairing

Coming back from vacation with a twelve hour time difference and jumping right back into the swing of things at work while still pretty jet lagged makes one excited for the end of the week that's for sure and to celebrate why not enjoy a truly American artisanal wine and cheese pairing?

How about some Landaff and a glass of Lieb Cellars Bridge Lane Cabernet Franc paired with some dried cherries and toasted baguette brushed with EVOO and sea salt and chives?

Landaff hails from Landaff Creamery in Landaff, NH and is inspired by classic Welsh style farmstead cheeses like Caerphilly. Landaff travels to the Cellars at Jasper Hill for its aging period. So what is its flavor profile?

It is a firm aged raw cow's milk cheese that has round buttery and grassy notes with a crisp citrusy farmsteady finish. Biting and intense yet light, round and flavorful, it is a great snacking or melting cheese, this truly is a crowd pleaser. When paired with the rustic fruity qualities of dried cherries and the aromatic herbaceousness of toasted baguette slices with chives and sea salt, this will be a heavenly combination to awaken the senses after the week. Add in a glass of Lieb Cellars Cab Franc from the North Fork and you will be in heaven! Full of cherry, white pepper, red berry, and herbaceous notes, it will echo the flavor nuances created in the Landaff, dried cherry, toasted EVOO, sea salt, and chive baguette pairing. A great way to end the week and celebrate the truly gorgeous February day we are experiencing here in New York!

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