Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 727: What to buy right now

Ever walk into a cheese store and feel overwhelmed? Like gosh what should I get? Right now, I suggest getting yourself over to Murray's Cheese either in Grand Central or on Bleecker Street and picking up a Chabichou de Poitou. They are aged to perfection right now.

Chabichou hails from the Loire Valley and is a soft naturally rinded aged goat's milk cheese shaped in a cylinder. Full of bright, citrusy, grassy notes, this chalky, lactic milky cheese is a delight! Goes excellently with a glass of Sancerre! The same classic Loire Valley notes that one notices in a wine you will notice here as well.

At $9.99 for each one, it's a brilliant way to ring in the new week!

In other news - For the next week and a half, Fromagical will be going to Thailand so stay tuned for a little more travel and a little less cheese and well of course my adventures in discovering cheese in Southeast Asia.

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