Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 726: Super Bowl Cheese Recap

Let me start off by saying Congratulations to the New York Giants! What a season it has been!

Of course I had to choose a Massachusetts cheese and a New York cheese for the game with another cheese thrown in to round things out.

So who was the contender from New York?

Kinderhook Creek of course! The first 100% sheep's milk Camembert style cheese crafted in the Hudson Valley by Old Chatham Shepherding Company. Prior to this round disc of cheesy goodness, most cheeses in this style were crafted with a blend of milks. Kinderhook has a round buttery mouthfeel with rustic nutty mushroom-y barnyardy notes. It's an approachable cheese yet one with an excellently dynamic depth of flavor profile.

And who was the contender from Massachusetts? How about my current favorite blue cheese, Great Hill Blue hailing from Marion, Massachusetts?
Spicy and piquant yet full bodied and creamy with a nice grassy finish. This is a blue cheese that appeals to the blue lovers and the blue doubters out there - it packs a punch but not too much of one to scare those who see blue cheese and run away.

A great matchup of wonderful American artisanal cheese making - how could you possibly choose just one?

To round out the cheese selection, I added one of my personal favorite Vermont cheeses - Tarentaise. Modeled on the great European aged Alpine cheeses, this firm cow's milk cheese is nutty, caramelly, and slightly butterscotchy with light hay notes. An excellent cheese that gives its European counterparts a serious run for their money.

Here's to the New York Giants!

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