Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 728 : EWR -- NRT -- BKK

Isn't it funny to think about the acronyms that are ingrained in all of our minds -- brb, lol, LAX, etc etc...utilized as common parlance we don't even think about,  just another "word" in our vocabulary. Whether it is the abbreviations developed in technological speak or those used to denote different locations, these are the sorts of words that transcend the language gap between different cultures and societies. One's awareness of this becomes heightened when traveling in countries where there is a language gap.

Welcome to NRT folks, fourteen hours direct from EWR, a ten hour time difference, countless movies later and well frankly only a three and change hour stay. Tokyo has always held a particular sort of allure to me and unfortunately my only experience thus far will be these few hours spent somewhat jet lagged at the Narita airport -- there's a certain sense of dreamy wonder associated with this little stop over -- a pause in a longer trip to a far-off land.

So what did I do with myself upon arrival?

Well I decided to have dinner of course -- I suppose you could call it dinner -- eaten at 4pm local Tokyo time, 2am New York time, and 2pm Bangkok time. This was not going to be a cheese centric meal I regret to inform you all as cheese is not at all central to Japanese culture. So it should be sushi of course...when in Rome, right?

I found a small little sushi bar where the chefs didn't speak any English, the fish was fresh, the beers were cold, and I felt like I'd stepped into another world. You would not find this sort of spot in an airport in the US that's for sure. Granted the American airport dining tides they are a-changing, think of the somewhat newish Jet Blue terminal at JFK...

But back to Tokyo and our little sushi joint...so what did I have? One piece of eel, one piece of tamago, and one piece of salmon nigiri along with the chef's special spicy tuna avocado roll and a small carafe of hot sake.

It was just the ticket after the first leg of my journey and now it's time for another seven hours in the air. Next stop, Bangkok.

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