Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 593: Party Cheeses

When you go to a large function, be it a wedding, a holiday party, a birthday party, or a bar mitzvah as I did last night, you hardly expect to see a table of artisanal cheeses as part of the buffet food selections. Well last night at the bar mitzvah reception, there was a slider station with a variety of sliders (both meat and fish); a carving station (also both meat and fish); a pasta / risotto to order station; a Middle Eastern station with all the classic staples hummus, tabbouleh, Grape leaves, Greek salad and more; and a fantastic cheese station.

This was not your average cheese selection with Cheddars, Gruyeres, Chevre, and maybe a blue or something of the sort. Epoisses was there, Great Hill Blue was there, the Massachusetts goat's milk round Hubbardston Blue was there, Morbier, Humboldt Fog, Bucheron, and many more. Paired with marinated figs and a selection of three jams, this was a display after my heart.

Overall a delish meal and that's a tough undertaking when cooking and serving over one hundred people. Apart from the meal, it was a lovely weekend in DC celebrating the bar mitzvah of a family member.

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