Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 594: Mussels and Cheese?

Flex Mussels opened to great fanfare in 2009. No folks it is not a gym where you can flex your biceps and triceps but a restaurant dedicated to mussels. And surely not just the classic mussels in a white wine butter sauce, they have seventeen different mussel preparations! Yes they have other items on the menu -- salads, and a wide selection of seafood and one chicken dish for those not interested in seafood. Maybe the name rings a bell because the pastry chef won Top Chef Desserts? If not and you like mussels it sure is worth a try!

I have been a few times to the downtown one which I love but tonight I went to the uptown one for the first time. What did I think about the difference in appearance? This one was homier and cozier, tucked away on a quiet Upper East Side street, this joint felt like it was geared to the weekly regulars, a true neighborhoody establishment.

I had their PARMA mussels that were served in a broth of parmigiano cream, meyer lemon, scallions, toasted garlic and shallots. A salty, creamy and savory broth to accompany the mussels that enhanced their weight but still maintain a light delicate decadence. It almost felt like the French Onion Soup of the mussel world but in a good way.

Flex Mussels
174 East 82nd Street / 154 West 13th Street NYC

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