Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 564 : Londontown

This morning early luckily I flew from Porto to London, no attempt to fly back to the US, Irene surely would have deterred that...Arriving into Stansted this morning, I felt a strong sense of coming home after living here for graduate school five years ago.

After dropping off my bags, we ventured out to get some brunch and ended up at the Luxe in Old Spitalfields Market and luck would have had it there was a fantastic cheese shop across the way, Androuet.  Brunch was fantastic -- a super food salad composed of quinoa, roasted red peppers, squash, arugula, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, and a yogurt raita sauce. Light, healthy, flavorful and the perfect breakfast-lunch-brunch dish.

A walk across the way to the cheese shop also conveniently a wine and cheese bar -- a mixture of European and British cheeses, crackers, confitures and more. Of course I needed to get a British cheese and why not Smoked Poacher -- lightly smoked, nutty, buttery, crumbly, caramelly and faintly cooked milky lactic notes...A delish cheese to pair with a pint at a local pub.

Here's to plenty more adventures in Londontown. I hope all of my Fromagical readers in New York are safe.

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